Designed in America
Handmade in Bali



A Mala is a set of beads traditionally used in prayer and meditation, often called prayer beads. The jewelry can be worn by anyone seeking a calmer mind, body, and spirit.

The Mala seed comes from the Bodhi tree, which is the tree the Buddha sat under when he reached enlightenment. Bodhi trees grow all over Southeast Asia and their seeds are what compose the Mala. The seeds, or beads, are believed to embody peace and love.

Malas are made to specific sacred numbers, often 54, 72 and 108. These numbers have many meanings: the breaths a day in deep meditation to achieve enlightenment, the amount of energy lines leading to the heart chakra and the number of states of being of human nature. 

Malas are also combined with stones. Our favorite is turquoise, which protects one’s journey, destroys hatred and increases love. 

The Mala seeds increase clarity and general awareness, calm the central nervous system, help quiet the mind and free negative thought. In addition, they are known to be cooling when worn against the skin, and increase immunity, energy and stamina.

You're in for a beautiful journey with your new Mala beads.

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